Rewilding the Human Spirit


The Wild Heart Center for Nature and Psyche offers support for rewilding the human spirit.

In these challenging times of unprecedented ecological, economic and cultural change — as well as a renewed sense of hope and potential — we are each called to show up in the world more authentically and fully than ever before. If life on Earth is to thrive, we must draw upon our most profound human capacities for compassion, imagination, courage and will, and learn to act authentically from our deepest sense of belonging to the world.

Living in deeply felt relationship with all life, and carrying your unique way of being as a sacred gift to others, is an essential part of becoming fully alive and fully human. Your wild heart is an opening to your true nature — your innate capacity for living authentically, caring deeply, loving fiercely, and embracing and embodying your soul gifts.

Like a wild animal in open terrain or a magnificent creature of the deep sea, Soul is mysterious, elusive and shy, undomesticated and beyond conscious control. It is your unique essence, inner purpose and place in the world. Soul can reveal itself unexpectedly in dreams, impossible longings, profound emotions, numinous encounters with the more-than-human world, and those moments of crisis when we surprise ourselves with our previously hidden or unknown capacities. Soul speaks in the forgotten language of the wild — wind and birdsong, symbol and imagery, rhythm and poetry, and the simple but astonishing presence of the Other.

Opening our wild heart, welcoming soul, learning to live in authentic and meaningful relationship with the human and more-than-human community, and courageously offering our most powerful and vulnerable gifts to the world — these are all part of the essential project of rewilding the human spirit.

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