Soul-centered Personal Coaching

Individual guidance and mentoring is essential support for the soul journey. As a nature-based soul guide, I offer support, guidance and mentoring for individuals at the threshold of a larger life and deeper conversation with the world. Are you longing to discover and explore your true nature, your soul’s calling? Are you ready to claim and embody your sacred purpose in life?

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Wilderness Quests & Immersions

Each year I guide a variety of multi-day Soulcraft immersions and wilderness quests, camping in beautiful wilderness areas or based at fabulous retreat centers across the country. My upcoming 2019 programs, offered in partnership with Animas Valley Institute, include:

Animas Beauty Mesa Quest, June 18-29 in UT; Animas Canyon Country Quest, Sept 10-21 in UT; Sweet Darkness, Oct 21 - Nov 4 in CO; Soulcraft Intensive, Nov 13-17 in CA.

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Rewilding Heart: Communing with a Living World

Authentic and intimate communion with the more-than human world is possible -- indeed, it is an essential part of being fully human! And when we engage in radical, participatory conversation with wildness, our lives are enriched by a profound sense of depth, meaning, mystery and reciprocity.

Join us for the next Front Range Soulcraft experience:

June 15 at Tinaja Ridge near Lyons, CO

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~Mary Oliver

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