Soul-centered Personal Mentoring & Coaching

Individual guidance and mentoring is essential support for the soul journey. As a nature-based soul guide, I offer support, guidance and mentoring for individuals at the threshold of a larger life and deeper conversation with the world. Are you longing to discover and explore your true nature, your soul’s calling? Are you ready to claim and embody your sacred purpose in life?

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Sacred Wound ~ Open Heart

March 23 - April 20, near Lyons, CO Guided by Lauren Golten

Sacred Wound exploration works with a profound truth: your unique way of belonging to the world, and the gifts you have to offer, derive from your most profound sensitivities and vulnerabilities. When we reverently, and with great care, explore our lived experience of this terrain, we may tenderly uncover the deeper story of our particular way of belonging to the world. Join us for this unique opportunity to reverently explore the multifaceted experience of your core vulnerability, your profound healing, and the mysterious gifts discovered there... 

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Balanced heart rock

Listening and Storytelling with the Land: A Spring Writing Circle

April 11 - May 2, near Lyons, CO Guided by April Tierney and Lauren Golten

Over the course of a month, we will spend four spacious Sundays on wild land, cultivating the art of paying attention to the more-than-human world. All of this in service to our world -- to carrying back what we hear as a gift for the times we are living in, so that when we do put pen to page, it will be in a soul-drenched, subversive, and life-serving way...

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~Mary Oliver

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