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Blue Moon Ceremony

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Blue Moon Ceremony Take off the clothes and sit in the dirt burning sagebrush smell in the air full moon cleansing my hands my hair. No plan no thought but open the lips words and song like water pour out full moon chanting my lungs my mouth. I know somewhere you too are watching yet […]

Dark Guardian


Dark Guardian (for Mexican Spotted Owl) On silent wing spirit flies beneath Doug Fir, broad silhouette against dawn sky. Dark guardian of the deep forest, calling   hoo! hoo-hoo!       hoo! Who follows whom? down steep ravine, past boulder, aspen, snag and columbine to a small and sheltered oak grove where, with the gravity of lovers testing […]

Rewilding the Human Spirit


The Wild Heart Center for Nature and Psyche offers support for rewilding the human spirit. In these challenging times of unprecedented ecological, economic and cultural change — as well as a renewed sense of hope and potential — we are each called to show up in the world more authentically and fully than ever before. […]