Rewilding Heart: Communing with a Living World


“If we approached rivers, mountains, dragonflies, redwoods and reptiles
as if all are alive, intelligent and suffused
with soul, imagination and purpose,
what might the world become?

Who would WE become
if we participated intentionally
with such an animate earth?”

~Geneen Marie Haugen


Authentic and intimate communion with the more-than-human world is possible — indeed, it is an essential part of being fully human! And as we engage in such radical, participatory conversation with natural wildness, our lives are enriched by a profound sense of depth, meaning, mystery and reciprocity.

But how can we truly enter into “conversation” with wildness? How is it possible to really hear, much less understand, the voice of the Earth? How can we make ourselves more sensitive and attuned to the subtle communications of the other-than-human beings? And why does it matter?

Join us for this day of deep encounter at the intersection of wild nature and the wild within. Our day will include solo wanders on the land, specific practices to enhance and deepen our connection with wild nature, and time to share and explore with others in a small, intimate group. We’ll practice cultivating a deep attentiveness to the natural world that simultaneously engages:

  • our sensuous, living body
  • our open, feeling heart
  • our creative, deep imagination; and
  • the simple yet profound presence that arises when offer the sacred gift of our attention.


Rewilding Heart: Communing with a Living World

Saturday, April 2
10:00 am – 5:00 pm
near Lyons, CO

Sliding scale fee:  $125 – $75 

We invite those who have the financial means to pay on the upper end, in support of others who need to pay on the lower end.

Group size is limited to 10 (including guides),

so sign up soon to hold your spot!



To register, please send a brief email expressing your interest to,
and use one of the payment methods below.

Venmo to @Gene-Dilworth (preferred)
PayPal to genedilworth @
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If you have any questions or need more info, please contact Lauren at

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“We experience the sensuous world
only by rendering ourselves vulnerable to that world.
Sensory perception is this ongoing interweavement:
the terrain enters into us
only to the extent
that we allow ourselves to be taken up
within that terrain.”
~David Abram


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