Front Range Soulcrafters

Do you find yourself on a journey of soul discovery, longing for guidance and the support of community? Are you seeking deeper connection with the mysteries of nature while exploring the depths of your own being? Are you longing for a greater sense of wholeness and meaning, on a quest to find and embrace your sacred calling in life?

Front Range Soulcrafters is an open group that offers support for discovering and embodying your sacred calling while cultivating soulful relationship to all life. We do that through sustained exploration of your unique relationship with the mysteries of nature and soul.

Meeting roughly once a month near Lyons, Colorado, Front Range Soulcrafters offers a rare opportunity to gather with a small group of courageous wanderers while immersing in the fertile, entangled terrain of wild nature and soul. Each gathering is focused around a particular theme, practice, or dimension of nature-based soul work — and is responsive to the present needs and energy of the group.

In addition to intentional solo wanders in wild nature, we explore and deepen our relationship with soul and the more-than-human community through a variety of practices including council and inquiry, self-designed ceremony, rhythm, dance and other movement/embodiment practices, dreamwork, deep imagery, journaling, and expressive arts.

Front Range Soulcrafters gatherings are open to anyone on a journey of soul discovery with a sincere longing to deepen their inquiry into the mysteries of nature and soul.  It can be a great support for people who have participated in a wilderness vision fast, Soulcraft program, or other nature-based soul work (not necessarily with me) and who are longing to go deeper with their inquiry, and each gathering can also serve as an introduction for those new to the work.


2018 Soulcraft Gatherings

  • May 12 — Rewilding the Heart: Communing with an Animate World
  • August 11 — Carrying What is Hidden as a Gift to Others: A Daylong Soulcraft Experience
  • September 8 – December 15 — Courting the Mystery of Your Wild Soul: Engaging Nature & Psyche in the Quest for a Life of Deep Meaning, Purpose and Reciprocity.  A Dedicated Soulcraft Practice Group
  • October 6 — Rewilding Mind: Navigating the Terrain of Wholeness and Healing in a Fragmented World
  • November 10 — Sacred Wound~Open Heart: “There’s a Crack in Everything, That’s How the Light Gets In” (Guided by Mary Marsden and Lauren Golten, offered in collaboration with Be Earth Now)


Upcoming (dates TBA)

  • The Art of Leaving Home
  • Nature and Eros: Cultivating Radical Aliveness and Sacred Connection
  • World as Lover: Courting the Mystery of Your Wild Soul
  • Dreaming the Soul into Life
  • Rewild Your Mind, Rewild Your Self!
  • Songlines of Soul: A Gathering of the Wild at Heart

These events often fill with a wait list.
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