Nature-based, soul-centered coaching

Work with me - Individual guidance Soul guidanceI offer personalized soul guidance and mentoring to support individuals in becoming more fully human through the path of the wild heart to soul initiation.

As a nature-based soul guide and mentor, I support you in your personal journey of self-healing, cultivating and embodying your innate human wholeness, and your descent to soul.  I support you to inquire, explore, discover and fully embody your true nature, your soul identity, your deepest essential self; to realize and embody the most authentically soulful life you can; to engage deeply in the largest conversation you are capable of having with the world.

As a guide to ceremony and soul initiation, I support you to follow the great longing of your wild heart to discover and embrace your ultimate place in the living cosmos; to understand and embrace your unique way of being and belonging as an essential gift to the world. To say YES! to that wholeheartedly, to commit fully to the living the largest story you are capable of – that is the essence of initiation and the beginning of a mature and soul-centered life.

Most private sessions take place very effectively via phone or Skype.  In the Boulder area, we can schedule in-person sessions at my office.  In certain circumstances we may agree to meet in at a location in wild nature.

My work with individuals is focused on supporting you live a soul-centered life through the process of discovering, understanding and embodying your ultimate place in the living world. I do not offer clinical psychotherapy, evaluation or treatment for any medical or psychiatric condition.

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