Sacred Wound ~ Open Heart Application Form

Application: Sacred Wound ~ Open Heart 2021

Thank you for your interest! This is a profound and powerful program, and we’ve found over the years that it is important to make sure it is being entered at an appropriate time for each participant. When responding to the questions below, please be as specific as you are willing, while also getting to the heart of the matter. Know that your responses will be held with reverence and in confidentiality. If there is some terminology or question that is unclear to you, please contact me and I will help (email: After receiving your application, I will be in touch very soon to discuss your enrollment in Sacred Wound ~ Open Heart, including any questions you might have about the program. (Please note you cannot save and pause this form while working on it. You may find it helpful to write out your responses in another document, then paste your answers into this form.) Thank you! ~Lauren